launching Event

Alsalam Social Enterprise was established back in 2018 in Khartoum Sudan. Over the years we developed different product lines to satisfy the wants and needs of the market, our main goal was always to have strong impact on society and then comes sustainability. Thinking of these two factors made us think of one product only which is sanitary pads.
On the 28th May 2022 Alsalam Factory launched its’ new product AMNA, washable sanitary pads which comes in regards to the menstrual hygiene day. The event, held in ALSalam Hotel in Khartoum Sudan on the 28th of May from 5pm to 7pm, was well attended. The guests were highly diversified from all sectors of society including INGOs, Private sectors, governmental institutes and even students.
The content of the event was highly nourishing and knowledgeable hosted by Ms Rawan Elhadi the program included a word from the founder of Alsalam Factory Ms Safia Alfadni, scientific papers regarding menstrual hygiene presented by Ms Huda Sharfi, about AMNA and community outreach team presented by Ms Abrar Alalem and finally the importance of collaborations between large successful companies and emerging business presented by Ms Sarya ELNefeidi. The program was highly interactive as some questions were raised to tackle the problem from different aspects making us explore even further the depth and importance of our movement.

Alsalam Factory is looking forward to uprooting the olds methods of dealing with the menstrual cycle in Sudan. It’s a long way process and here we are paving our way into making Sudan a safer place for women.

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