Learning Bleeding in School

Women Initiative for Self Help (WISH) is a Liberian registered civil society organization working to create a platform for gender equality, social norms transformation, good governance, and community development. WISH has planned to engage stakeholders, including student movements, women and youth groups, school administrators and parents teachers associations (PTAs), sexual minorities, heads of physically challenged people organizations, and traditional and religious leaders in robust movement-building exercises aimed at eliminating menstrual poverty, stigma, inequalities, and other forms of discriminatory practices. As part of activities in the observance of World Menstrual Hygiene Day, WISH shall empower allied grassroots CSOs and participants with advocacy and social norms transformation skills to eliminate menstrual-related stigma, bullying, and other forms of discriminatory practices. WISH has also organized indoor programs, at which menstrual health and hygiene experts will lecture adolescent girls and boys on menstrual health as women and adolescent girls’ human rights, menstrual health, and hygiene best practices. The event shall endeavor to distribute 3,500 packs of improved sanitary pads to 3,500 adolescent girls, and undertake public awareness-raising events aim at breaking silence for cultural menstrual taboos contributing to adolescent girls staying away from public events and places such as schools, religious, and entertainment centers due to menstrual health and hygiene conditions. The implementation of mass public awareness campaign shall contribute to silence breaking and the elimination of menstrual health and hygiene inequalities, stigma, and discrimination. Key public events to be undertaken shall include outdoor sports events. The organization of these events will set the basis for stakeholders’ dialogues and peer-to-peer behavior change communication.

Event Details