Let Her Know

Starlight Foundation`s “Let her Know” initiative is an empowering initiate that seeks to equip all women and girls and men about Sexual & Reproductive Health and Menstrual Hygiene to help them realize their full potentials and also avoid stigmatization from the males.

Menstrual hygiene is an issue that every woman of reproductive age is faced with in Ghana. Female students in Ghana are insufficiently informed about reproductive health in general and in particular about the process of menstruation as well as the physical and psychological changes associated with puberty and adolescence. In Ghana, the issue of menstruation is rarely mentioned publicly, due to cultural taboos.

Furthermore, there is no mandate in the Ghana educational institutions to help girls in managing their Menstrual periods. Neither are their gender-friendly school toilets nor is there readiness on the part of the teachers to assist menstruating girls through the provision of advice or information.

Again, in most societies, women have little to no say on the issues affecting them, such as governance, allocation of resources, marriage, childbearing, etc. Right from the family level, women should be participants in the decision-making process. Therefore, this project will help in inspiring young girls and own their voices and speak for themselves

Project Goals
To mentor the Girl child
Having mentors equip the girls with concepts such as confidence, bravery, assertiveness, knowledge on the importance of education to help them gain as much information as possible. Girls who have been taught how to be confident, brave, and assertive are more likely to get the talent and development skills in their school environment, this will lead to having more women leaders in position and it’s at points such as these that they get to change the world positively through direct policies implemented hence economically empowering themselves and generations to come.

Educating them on Sexual and Reproductive Health
Educating girls and their parents on sexual and reproductive health rights is very vital to an empowered future generation of girls. Being aware of their sexuality and reproductive health will help these girls in making informed decisions that will make a positive impact on their lives.

Providing Leadership Space
Of all the activities for women’s empowerment, we believe providing a path to leadership is the most instrumental. It does not only instill confidence but also puts women at a level where they will be able to empower other women. In a male-dominated society, affirmative action is the only way of helping women achieve leadership roles Girls at a young age should also be taught to depend on themselves for finances and well-being and not depend solely on men. This is so in the African culture, where men are seen as the sole providers for the family.

The novelty of the Project
Mostly, when the issue of mensural hygiene comes up at any discussion, it is always targeted the females forgetting the part of the society of men who turn to make a mockery of the ladies in their periodic cycle. With this project, we empower both the males and females to be aware of the changes which occur in the female and encourage them to be supportive instead of making a mockery out of them.

Also, after the engagement and education on world mensural hygiene day and its importance, we share some sanitary pads with the ladies.

Last but not least, our target within society is the psychically challenged individuals in special schools.

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