Let’s Talk. Period.

Global Shapers New Delhi Hub is putting together “Let’s Talk. Period.” This #MenstrualHygieneDay , we invite everyone to mainstream #Menstrual Health, through conversation, art, books and the spoken word. Through this Meetup, the attempt is to find collaborative ways of having conversations around menstruation and highlight aspects such as period poverty, taboos, menstrual health & nutrition, destigmatising blood, and finding the right period products.


— A panel discussion, bringing together a cross-section of practitioners working on Menstrual Health and Advocacy.

— An #ArtExhibition, highlighting how art can be empowering, challenging the way South Asian women’s bodies are represented in popular culture. Find artwork on period-positivity, PCOS, mental health and more.

— A #BookExhibition, displaying a rich collection of books on women’s health. Find great resources, and personal narratives of women, as they highlight how culturally blindsided, and medically under-researched menstrual health is, and what the consequences can be.

It’s 2019, but our culture is still far from being #PeriodPositive. Let us change that together!

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