Mahina + Me Virtual Retreat

On June 12-13, we will be reclaiming indigenous practices to celebrate our moon cycles. We have 11 live sessions from various indigenous practitioners, educators, and advocates. Through our research, we have discovered that many indigenous cultures have very similar menstrual practices with an emphasis on slowing down and practicing self care during our menstrual cycles. The retreat will feature menstrual practices from various indigenous cultures including Native Hawaiian, Lakota, Chinese, Black, Indian, and Latinx. Our two keynote speakers are Native Hawaiian and will be sharing about Hawaiian menstrual practices and how to incorporate those practices in our modern times. Other sessions include Lakota womenʻs ceremonies, plant-based allies, vaginal health, ayurvedic approaches, neuroscience related to your menstrual cycle, and much, much more. We will also be featuring Maʻi Movement, who will be sharing all they are doing to end period poverty.

Event Details