‘Make Your Own Cloth Pad Workshop’

YUVA and SSBM(G), Telangana, in support with UNICEF, are celebrating MH Day 2018!

“Let’s start the conversation on sustainable menstruation” through a
‘Make your own cloth pad workshop.’

“Each of the 355 million women in India who use a commercial, disposable pad generates 120+ kg of non-biodegradable, unsanitary waste.” (Boondh)

This is an effort to enable and empower women to make sustainable menstrual choices by teaching them how to make their own cloth pads.

100 participants will be empowered with the essential skill of making a cloth pad, and will have the chance to be master trainers in the future, disseminating the same information across the state.

Partners: Naari, Boondh, Sustainida, #CharityChance,

Event Details

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  • Organisation: YUVA and SSBM(G) Telangana
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