Medicine in Menstruation

Bleed the North’s Menstrual Health Day 2022 event will focus on menstruators’ struggles within the healthcare system, highlighting the existing stigma and the medicalization of periods. Guest speakers will provide various perspectives, including healthcare professionals and menstruators who have struggled when seeking healthcare. Attendees will have the opportunity to reflect upon the ways in which harmful social attitudes toward menstruation—influenced by gender stereotypes, cultural values and traditions, and social taboos—continue to shame and discriminate against menstruators within medical settings. They will have the opportunity to learn more about medicalization, the categorization of menstruation as a health concern, which continues to reinforce shame and concealment of a natural process, while also conversely legitimizing menstrual symptoms and disorders. Attendees will reflect upon the ways in which healthcare may be improved for menstruators, from self-advocacy to systemic changes in the medical system.

Event Details