Men Take Lead Ride 2019

The world over, International Menstrual Hygiene Day is being celebrated to bring attention to this aspect of women and girls’ health and empowerment.

Breaking the Silence Worldwide Foundation since 2014 has been working from the frontlines in the grassroot level in India and other countries to change the mindset of people at every level that considers menstruation as dirty and polluting.

This 26th May 2019 Breaking the Silence, India Bull Riders and Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz, will ride to end isolation of menstruating girls and women that is rampant in our homes and society.


During periods, pushing girls and women away from the kitchen and food items.

During periods, pushing girls and women to sleep in different rooms, outside the house, in the barn where cattle are kept, in isloated huts away from main household.

During periods, making girls and women not interact with others or touch them.

During periods, girls and women are not considered ‘pure’ to be engaged in any worship and spiritual activity. This part of our human rights is the most profound and the whole Sabrimala incident is centered around this.

These social evils that isolate girls and women in menstruation take away their dignity and self-respect besides affecting their safety, life, and aspirations.

On 26th May 2019 Sunday 8 AM ride with us to call for change in our society.

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