Mensdagen 2017

Mensdagen 2017 (Menstrual day 2017) is an event created by the NGO Lingonkollektivet in Norrköping, Sweden. The theme of the this years event is swedish taboos and values about menstruation. Lingonkollektivet wants to create a safe space where people can come and learn more about menstruation. Both about physical aspects but also about cultural and social ideas about menstruation.

The event will inclued a lecture about menstruation in todays time aswell as during the history. A lecture about menstruation during conflict or war will be held by a master student at Linköping university. The event will also contain a workshop that will focus on how local sociaty can be more inclusive toward menstruating people and a DIY menstrual craft station will be available. Several organisation, that in different ways work with menstruation, will join the event and the visitors can participate in a quiz about menstruation.

The event will be held in Norrköping, Sweden.

Event Details