Menstrual Dance Performance

Spiky warmth (tentative title)

: It means the ‘pointy’ emotion felt during menstruation and the warm ‘warmth’ that embraces and loves him.

### Performance Introduction

The performance Pointy Warmth expresses women’s feelings (irritability, depression, lethargy, sensitivity, anxiety, tension, etc.) and physical pain during menstruation through dance.

In an era where I cherish and love myself, the pain of menstruation can no longer bother me. Dance, which used to express emotion and physical pain, soon feels the emotion of love and embraces such pain with love.

**The crystallization of that love is me**
I do not hate or reject the natural menstruation as a woman, but in the end it is my body and my heart, so I want to deliver a message that I want to be happy through growth and change by loving it.

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