Menstrual Health & Hygiene Awareness

Every year the world comes together on May 28 to recognise Menstrual Hygiene Day, but still it remains an unspeakable subject in some parts of our country. Most women are aware that menstruation is a normal process, but the topic is still not openly discussed in the family, community or society.
A large number of women of India are still not aware about issues related to menstruation and maintaining personal hygiene during this period and dealing with associated physical problems. They usually don’t get a proper platform to get information or discuss such issues. This kind of awareness programme helped them to understand what is menstruation, calculation of the period, physical problems faced by women during their periods and ways to deal with it, maintaining personal hygiene during this period and importance of maintaining hygiene, avoiding the traditional methods of using dirty cloths and promoting use of sanitary napkins, etc. Traditional myths and misconceptions in rural areas related to menstruation were discussed
Hope On Foundation (HOF) takes the responsibility to change this backward mind-set of the society as well as to break the ice by abridging the gap of knowledge through awareness. Our awareness activity highlights the importance of good menstrual hygienic practices such as the use of sanitary napkins; washing and cleaning; napkins dispose and precautions that should be taken during the periods with eating habits which enable healthy reproductive life in future. On 28th May we are planning to organise an awareness programme on Menstrual Health and Hygiene in our two communities in Delhi. We are also planning to distribute sanitary pad Menstruation bracelet. We developed an Advocacy pamphlet in local language (Hindi) which we are going to disseminate to them and to different stakeholders. Due to constraint in fund we are organizing this event on self-funding.

Event Details