The Menstrual Health Program

The Menstrual Health Initiative??

In this age of information?‍???‍?, do you know that there are still many girls who cannot go to school when in their periods because they lack sanitary pads????

Are you aware millions feel stigmatized for being girls just because they are menstruating???

Some fear the blood, others despise it???‍♀. But it is a natural phenomenon of which women and girls must be proud.???

Leading Ladies Network (Kumasi Chapter)✅

in conjunction with
❇Leading Star Network,

??Young African Women in Leadership (Ghana Chapter)

and our cherished

??‍???Leading Gentlemen Network

as we empower young women??‍? into confidence and teach the boys??‍? to be sexually responsible adults as we celebrate Menstrual Health Day on 26th May, 2017.

?Venue: Asem Mixed
Time: 12 pm

?Venue: Asem Boys
Time: 9 am

It is a time of reflective mentorship as we open up young beautiful minds to be more accommodating and respectful of the opposite sex and find pride in the natural sexual stages that teens undergo.

❌Menstruation has never been a shame!❌It is our duty to preach it!!!!!!!!!

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  • Organisation: Young Africa Women In Leadership
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