Menstrual Hygiene Day

As part of improving WASH practices amongst adolescent girls and women, Menstrual Hygiene Day has been organised by the Centre for Sustainable Development Goals with Andhra Pradesh Human Resource Development Institute (APHRDI), Bapatla in Mahila Pranganam, Guntur on May 28th, 2018. Over 170 girl students and women participated in the event, in addition to officials from the District level administration viz., District Manager, District Co-ordinator (Rastriya Bala Swaystya Karya Karyakram), HEEO (Health Education Extension Officer), HD (Co-ordinator of Human Development). The event was conducted at the Mahila Pranganam meeting hall, N.T.R. Skill Development Centre, Guntur.

The event was held with the following objectives:
 To create awareness on practices regarding Menstrual Hygiene
 To create awareness on hardships girls and women face during their menstruation
 To highlight innovative solutions being taken to address Menstrual Hygiene challenges
 To create awareness of proper safety disposal methods

Adolescent girls and women were being motivated to maintain good Menstrual Hygiene at their houses and outside of the home. Menstrual Hygiene practices were explained by female doctors through a PowerPoint presentation. Safety measures were shared by medical officers for regular follow-up.
Through this orientation program, 170 girl students and women have learned:
• How to wash their hands and legs after using the toilet
• About the availability of sanitary napkins in schools
• How to remember their menstrual cycle
• That menstrual bleeding is good
• To change sanitary pads three times per day
• About Menstrual Hygiene myths
• To put reusable sanitary napkins and cloths in the sun to dry

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