Menstrual Hygiene Day

We as safepad-Real Relief, will paint one school red in regards to breaking the silence,another group will clean karura forest to advocate for safe and hygienic disposal of Menstrual products and the last group have a menstrual walk to advocate on myths and taboos surrounding Menstrual hygiene management and the last group will celebrate with the National team at Makueni county in regards to breaking the silence,menstrual products and safe and hygienic disposal of Menstrual products.

Real Relief is a Danish company working in Kenya,India,Tanzania,Jordan,Nigeria and Denmark.We produce safepad, a unique Reusable sanitary towel with an antimicrobial treatment, this is a compound of carbon,Nitrogen and Silica.Carbon is negatively charged,Nitrogen is positively charged and Silica layer sterilize.When pathogens gets into contact with the fabric they are attracted to the positively charged Nitrogen atom then get killed by Carbon negatively charged and Silica do sterility.This is the efficacy of safepad. Real Relief is mobilising communities to participate in this noble course and advocate for women’s dignity

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