Menstrual Hygiene Day Workshop NY 2017

Join the menstrual hygiene coalition for a panel and workshop in honor of Menstrual Hygiene Day 2017! Our event will start with a panel of guest speakers at 9:30am to share their experiences with menstrual hygiene managment (MHM). We will then be hosting a workshop activity at 10:30am in which attendees will have a chance break barriers and shatter stereotypes through the exchange of stories. Together, let’s smash the shame because menstruation matters.

This is a free event and all attendees are asked to bring menstrual products to donate to a local organization.

Get your tickets and RSVP here:

Please arrive at 9:00am for registration.

Linda B. Rosenthal – Assemblymember, New York State
Nicole Jardin – Fix Your Period
Mari Malek – Stand 4 Education
Agnieszka Wilson – NFCC Int.
Nadya Okamoto – Period
Cass Clemmer – Toni the Tampon
Mal Harrison – Center for Erotic Intelligence
Joy Lynn Alegarbes – Huru International

This event would not be possible without all of these fantastic, hard-working contributors:

NFCC International
Huru International
Center For Erotic Intelligence
Girls Health Ed
Maxim Hygiene
Toni the Tampon
Stand 4 Education
BU Period
Global Citizen
Hope and Dreams Initiative
The Kota Alliance

Event Details