Menstrual Hygiene in the Eyes of Street Hawkers & Porters

The event targets young girls in the Kumasi Metropolis in Ghana who are living in estranged conditions as a result of lack of proper education and mentorship. These hawkers and porters who serve a wide range of commuters in the city center earn very little and do not have adequate sanitary items to cater for themselves during their periods.

Our team is focused on having a insightful engagement with these vulnerable teenage girls and provide sanitary towels and other cleaning items to restore their confidence and reduce infections and other complications.

This event will also sensitize male counterparts in the business area to support the campaign to clear the stigma associated with menstruation.

Publicity will traverse social media, radio, television and printed materials to give visibility to the campaign. A final report shall be written and circulated through all media platforms.

Event Details

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  • Organisation: Ghana Environmental Community for Sustainability
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