Menstrual Hygiene Week Celebration

The Menstrual Hygiene Week celebration is mainly focused on challenging the negative social norms surrounding menstruation and initiating conversations on menstruation in young people. The event will run for seven days and will be solely based on social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram).

From sharing period memes to involving influencers, there are a couple of activities we are doing for the event.
1. Period memes: Memes are very popular with the youth. Thus, we are sharing memes around the myths and taboos around menstruation in Nepal.
2. Doodle It!: It is an online competition where participants submit their creative doodles on the templates provided by us. The templates include a sanitary pad, a drop of blood, a menstrual cup, uterus, and menstrual beads.
3. Pass the Pad challenge: It is a video challenge where interested people will create a video on Tiktok. The video should include the passing of a pad while also showing a situation/reason/story behind it.
4. Rapid Fire With Influencers: Rapid Fire with Influencers is basically an interview of 15-20 minutes’ duration where the interviewer will ask the guests a series of questions related to menstruation. To make it more interesting the questions will be more practical than knowledge-based.

Event Details