Menstrual May- MHM awareness Raising Campaign

I am Lae Lae Moe. I am also called as Ruby Moe in social media life. I am founder of Menstrual May-မန်စထွယ်မေ facepage page that was created since 2019 to conduct MHD 2019. I am running my page to raise awareness about Menstrual Hygiene.
This year, I am hosting MHM awareness Raising Campaign in Facebook and on the ground.

  • For on the ground event, I will present about MH Day and Menstrual Hygiene to 100 Maternal and Child Health Promoters and distribute Menstruation Bracelet to utilize in awareness Raising activities.
  • For online event, I am boosting to reach about Menstrual Hygiene Day to Myanmar’s Girls through my Facebook page ( Menstrual May).
  • I will invite all people who want to join by sending message after taking a photo wearing bracelet.
  • I am going to create FB Live event that will be happened on May 28th.
  • I will perform as host and lead presenter in that event.
  • I have questions and answers session and online quiz session.
  • If participants want to take part in quiz after listening and learning from my talk, I will post the public quiz link.
  • For the persons who can pass quiz, I will donate phone bill and give a menstruation bracelet as a gift.
  • Donation of phone bill is very attractive tool to get involvement in Myanmar.



Event Details