Menstrual Stigma Panel

On Monday of 5th week, join us for a panel discussion about menstrual stigma and how it holds back people of all genders right across the world, not to mention how people are pushing back against it, right now. And if you feel uncomfortable about this discussion – you might just benefit the most from having it!

Our panel is made up of:

– Tahmeena Bax, a freelance journalist who previously worked for The Guardian and who has written on student fees, development, and the very first Menstrual Hygiene Day!

– Chella Quint, a comedian, designer and menstruation activist who founded #PeriodPositive and whose show, Adventures in Menstruating, was awarded 4 stars at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

– Soofiyah Andry, a graphic designer who recently made the news for crowfunding Bloody Hell: #PeriodZine which took an intersectional look at all things menstrual, from tampons and mooncups to endometriosis and the menopause.

– Jen Lewis, an American artist who will be joining us over Skype and whose art is created by taking photos of her menstrual blood in different types of water.

We’ll be posting different articles and resources on the Facebook event page that you might find interesting in the lead up to the talk but there is absolutely no obligation to read these in advance.

This event is run with the generous support of Pembroke JCR and is open to all members of Oxford University.

The event should last no longer than an hour and a half but guests are welcome to leave at any time they feel it necessary – we understand that for some, talk about blood, menstruation or menstrual stigma might be difficult. The discussion will be kept as gender neutral as possible, recognising that menstruation is not an experience shared by all, or only, women. The venue is wheelchair accessible and has a hearing loop available. There is also a wheelchair accessible, gender neutral toilet nearby. If you have any other access needs, please see the Facebook event page for contact details.

Event Details