Menstruation Requires Local Action: An online conversation about period poverty in the Netherlands

The ability to access good quality menstrual products and comprehensive education about the menstrual cycle are the foundation for a comfortable and shame-free experience of periods.
However, this is not the reality for many girls and women living in lower-income families, or in prison, or homeless. Yes, even in a country like the Netherlands.
This open webinar panel discussion will focus on the state of period poverty in the Netherlands. How does the inability to access (good quality) menstrual products and infrastructures add up to the shame of poverty (SDG #1)? Does the lack of menstrual products and education exacerbate other existing inequalities (SDG #10)?
* Gaby Bartelse, Project Manager and Fundraising Manager at Voedselbank Rotterdam
* Lorijn de Boer, Researcher & project leader on period poverty at De Bovengrondse
* Mariah Mansvelt Beck, Co-founder of Yoni

This event is brought to you by Maria Carmen Punzi (PhD researcher and Menstrual Health expert) and SDG Student Ambassadors Tishana Martijn and Carolina Echecopar.

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