MHD in Mthunzi Centre

Started by Koinonia Community, Zambia, in the year 2000, Mthunzi Centre is a residence and home for about 50 street children and youths. Here they are given guidance from loving and professionally trained adults and provided with meals, counselling, school and medical care. The magiority of the residents and workers are males and this year we are implementing a women’s group and organizing some activities to empower this vulnerable collective and promote the gender balance.

In the afternoon of the 28th different activities will be organized to sensibilize the people about the MHD:
14.30-15.30: class about menstrual health and debate
15.20-16.20: laboratory about making a sawing pad in textile (chitengue, traditional cotton decorated)
16:20-16:30: workshop to make bracelet symbol of the campaign
16:30 snack all together