MHDay2021 Paipa

Our organization is currently working in a rural municipality of Colombia named Paipa, in the Province of Tundamá, department of Boyacá, a beautiful land of agricultural producers, full of strong rural women, but as in many other locations around the world, this communities are facing poverty and menstrual inequality.

Our proposition for MH Day 2021 is organize ourselves with the help of the municipality government to collect donations of menstrual products in personalized boxes.

This boxes will be located in government offices in the municipality, with the promotion in the official channels and networks of Grupo Tonalli and municipality town hall.

The inaguration of the boxes and sensitization virtual sessions will take place on May 28, also, donations will be collected during all June, closing the collecting process on June 28.

Donations will be delivered to vulnerable women in rural areas of the municipality, according to the official census of rural women provided by the municipal government.

During the event, we will broadcast on radio and social networks, information about menstrual poverty and menstrual hygiene.

Event Details