MHM Day challenge

Last year PSI Ethiopia celebrated the MHM day extensively through “ኩሪ በአበባሽ” or “Embrace you period” tagline. This year, due to the Corona Virus pandemic, we won’t be able to do much like last year but to create awareness, we are organizing an MH Day challenge for every PSI staff (Women and Men) and everyone who wants to participate!

We want you to write down (use a marker) the following trending MH related hashtags on a simple white paper and take a picture… easy right? You can take the picture alone or with your daughter (this will educate the younger generation), friends, cousins etc.. and post your picture on your different social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn) and tag @PSIEthiopia. The people who got the most social media engagement will receive a prize. You will have the opportunity to donate sanitary pads and sanitary products to the women and girls in need. Ex – local NGO’s, female prisoners etc..

#EmbraceYourPeriod, #MenstrualHygieneDay, #MenstruationMatters, #letstalkperiod!, #PeriodsInPandemics, #MHDAY2020, #ItsTimeForAction, #KuribeAbebash, #Nomorelimits, #ኩሪ በአበባሽ, #BleedWithDignity

Be creative in your picture, you can use different local languages and don’t forget to inform us how many engagement you got though @PSI Ethiopia Communications.

Event Details