Monthly Meet

Spring is totally packed with celebrations – graduations, weddings, birthdays, sports things?, parties for no reason! – and it can be difficult to find time to give back to your community. BUT The Monthly’s got you covered: all you have to do is #AddPads! When you’re putting together an event for any reason, ask your guests to bring period products to donate to people in need in the DC area. It’s super chill – like, *ridiculously* easy – and an awesome way to get people low-key thinking and talking about period product need.

PLUS all donations that come in between May 21 and 28 will go towards a nationwide total for #DrivingMH in celebration of Menstrual Hygiene Day – Global! This calls for some Chandler Bing: “Could it BE any more amazing?!?”

Head over to our website to find more about why period products are important, what kind of products we take, and more. We’ve also got a list of tons of places where you can drop-off what you collect! Let us now if you’re planning a party and and adding pads, and we’ll show you some love and give you a shoutout ♥