No Period Shame Campaign

The My Period is Awesome partners, Wellbeing Foundation (Uganda) and Wise Economy (Sweden), are on a yearly basis running a digital campaign during the month of May to raise awareness of menstrual injustice and period shaming.

It’s a creative social media campaign. During Menstrual Health Day 28th of May 2021, the Ugandan My Period Is Awesome partner The Wellbeing Foundation is organizing The Menstrual Shebang to end the campaign. The event is a part of our yearly social media campaign #noperiodshame. We started the campaign #noperiodshame in May 2020. The main idea of the campaign is to visualize a uterus with both hands in front of the body and using the term/tag #noperiodshame. With an easy hand sign and tag (#noperiodshame), we can start a conversation about the stigma, shame and taboo surrounding periods as well as period poverty.

It will be a day of culture, fashion, music and art, and there will be live performances with music, dancing, panel discussions and photo exhibitions. One of the main activities is a fashion show with seven upcoming Ugandan designers showcasing their menstruation-related collections. Joram Murzia of JMM is producing the event and Yasmin K is leading the team of designers. The Wellbeing Foundation in collaboration with the Swedish designer Terese Lann Welin and her brand Statement by Lann is launching a collection of prints and jewellery to raise funds and awareness of menstrual equity.


Event Details