Observance of Menstrual Hygiene Day

May 28 will be World Menstrual Hygiene Day (MH Day), it is an annual global event to raise awareness about the challenges women and girls face due to menstruation and to highlight solutions that address these challenges. This year YAHP will be observing this day in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County, Liberia. It will be the first for such day to be observed here in rural Liberia. We will be raising awareness and providing information about menstruation, how to manage it with dignity. We will start this menstrual hygiene awareness from May 24-28, 2021. We will visit communities, schools and have a radio talk show that will enable us to highlight the importance of menstrual care for women and girls, and have an indoor program on the 28 of May with various speakers that will educates school going girls on topics relating to menstruation, STIs/STDs, Contraceptive, Consent, Relationship, Safe sex and as well as the importance of Youth Friendly Center at nearby clinics and hospitals. Distribution of sanitary pad and condoms. We will also include boys and men in our awareness so as to highlight the role of men and boys in managing menstruation and ending teenage pregnancy and child marriage.

Event Details