Out of the Shadow

This event title has two meanings:

1. Menstruation is still taboo in rural Trojes, Honduras, so we work to educate girls, families and schools to remove any negative stigmas.

2. The sanitary pads we make by hand in rural Trojes, Honduras are crafted from umbrellas that no longer work. Since the material is impermeable, we fill them with old clothes to work as a sanitary economic option for girls and mothers.

For this event, parents at a local school, with almost 400 children, said “yes” to bringing their old umbrellas to be used for this good purpose.

The Pure Water for the World team will be sewing pads with the mothers of fifth and six graders.

We will create a small comic book as a manual, teaching what to do before and during menstruation, as well as how to make a pad in few easy steps.

The day will end with the inauguration of four gender-specific latrines for girls.

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  • Organisation: Pure Water for the World
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