Pad a Girl Project

Given the nationwide reach of the Nigerian Medical Students Associations (NiMSA), we envision to carry out a nationwide campaign in all the states of the country. Being both an educational activity and an outreach, our target population are children of school age. By our estimation, this group is most relevant to our intervention. Thus, we wish to visit 1 schools in all states of the country that have medical schools.
The visit to these various schools would take place on Friday 28th May which coincides with the Menstrual Hygiene Day. During the visit, we would educate the population about the benefits of menstrual hygiene and the dangers of poor hygienic practices including diseases which could result from this. Also, we wish to demonstrate the technique of proper pad usage/disposal after which our listeners would go ahead to ask questions that bothers them as regards this subject. All these would be documented photographically.
As a conclusion, we wish to distribute saniatary pads to each participant within the target population across all the centers of the activity.

Event Details

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  • Organisation: Nigerian Medical Students Association
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