PadAGirl Initiative: Linking MHM and Water

The “Hope Spring #PadAGirl Initiative” is a project borne out of the need to empower young girls and women who are going through various form of stigmatization, abuse, and health challenges as a result of their natural monthly cycle. The initiative is geared to educate young ones on the importance of menstrual hygiene management so as to end deep-rooted taboos, myths, and misinformation on menstruation in Nigeria and most developing countries.

Building on the success of the project in Southern and Northern Nigeria, we are expanding our reach to Eastern Nigeria and have selected Community Secondary School, Okpu Orba, Enugu State to host this workshop. The workshop will highlight the importance of access to clean water as a prerequisite to MHM. The workshop will include an interactive session with participants to highlight the common challenges faced by school girls during menstruation. Medical experts from our sponsors – Sofy Nigeria ( and Hope Spring Water volunteers will be facilitating this workshop.

Event Details

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  • Organisation: Hope Spring Water Charity Foundation
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