Period Piece

Feminist performance artist Christen Clifford delivers an evening of reading and bleeding to the Dixon Place stage. Period Piece features performances and presentations of intergenerational work about menstruation. Women’s bodies remain unclean and bedraggled, befouled, desecrated, evil, filthy, foul, nasty, putrid, rank, rotten, soiled, unhealthful, vile. Not to mention smelly and slutty. Clifford and the No Wave Performance Task Force seek to change that by inviting women to witness their periods, in a frank and touching testament to the cis-femme vag. No Wave Performance Task Force invites the audience to bring a sealed container of menstrual blood to use in their upcoming work The Menstrual Symphony (after Yves Klien)

This program is supported by the generous contributions from The Feminist Art Project and Women & Performance.

Event Details