Period Poverty in Europe #ItsTimeForAction

On the occasion of International Menstrual Hygiene Day, which this year is dedicated to “More Action and Investment in Menstrual Health and Hygiene now!”, Young Feminist Europe is excited to invite you all to the event “Period Poverty in Europe #ItsTimeForAction”, on 2nd June at 19h00-20h30 CEST. This online event is co-organised with Neighbourhood Feminists, No Tampon Tax Italia, Onde Rosa, Pariter, Period Spain, Period Skopje, Sang protection and activist students from Latvia.
Generally, period poverty is much talked about looking outside Europe but a European focus on period poverty is still lacking, though many activists are working at local level and progress has been witnessed in some European countries. While the situation of taxes on menstrual hygiene products in our region varies enormously from country to country, ranging from 27% in Hungary to 10% in Spain, to 0% in the UK and Ireland, we want to build a young feminist movement to unite forces and tackle this issue from a regional perspective!

Event Details