Period Talks 2019 KBH

Period Talks is an evening with talks and conversations about periods. We invite three key speakers to share their knowledge, experiences, and thoughts related to menstruation, one way or another. We create a safe space to discuss, question and learn about periods. As well as the speakers, we have a handfull of local artists showcasing period related artwork throughout the evening.

In Copenhagen we are lucky to have:
– Midwife Gry Senderovitz who will talk about period pain and period sex to educate and erase shame.

– A live podcast interview of the woman behind She For She by the blog KH Underlivet. She for She is a startup that educates girls and women in Uganda about the menstrual cycle, and teach them to produce reusable pads.

– Stand-up comedian Natasha Brock, who talks about the menstrual cycle. Natasha is sharing personal stories to break the stigma and make us laugh.

– Womena, an NGO who educates on the menstrual cycle and reusable menstrual products in countries like Uganda, Kenya and Sudan will talk about the relation between SDGs and periods.

The Danish foundation Kvinde Kend Din Krop behind the Danish version of ‘Our Bodies, Ourselves’ is host, and will look back over the last 50 years and how menstruation has been perceived in Danish society throughout time.

The Danish National Television will be a guest as well all evening, as they are producing a documentary to educate the Danish population about periods to break the stigma and taboo.

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