#PeriodPositive Board Game Hack Party!

Come along and be playful about periods at The Treehouse this bank holiday Monday! Join menstruation maven, #periodpositive founder and cafe game guru Chella Quint for a game hack and playing session to add menstruation-themed cards to popular games, test the new Cards Against Humanity Period Expansion Pack, and maybe create a board or card game of our own. This all takes place on Menstrual Hygiene (MH) Day 2018.

We’ll be playing kid- and teen-friendly games in the first part, sharing menstrual knowledge and busting period myths to help partiers create new word, subject or situation cards for games like Codenames, Anomia, Articulate and Bucket of Doom until 4:30PM. At that time, we will be unboxing the new Period Pack expansion set for Cards Against Humanity. Yes, that’s a real thing, and the pack comes with extras! Cards Against Humanity isn’t sponsoring this event, but they sent their best wishes and a few awesome prizes for top contributors. We can’t guarantee kid-appropriateness from 4:30-6PM, but if young people are supervised by an adult, they can stay.

Donations of menstrual products are welcome for #periodpositive’s #examsperiod campaign.

Event Details