PERIODPWR Stitch-a-long

Happy #MenstrualHygieneDay everyone! This is a day to applaud our periods in all of their bloody glory, and celebrate the strength they carry (even if that strength sometimes translates as a one night stand with Ben & Jerry).

We are especially excited to mark this momentous day with a collaboration from one of the UK’s top embroidery wizards, @_ashstitch ? Ash has created a bespoke design just for you lot, so everyone can join in and drop your #PERIODPWR onto your favourite t-shirt, tote bag or even a pair of period pants! Follow the tutorial on our social media and upload your own creation. This is our chance to illustrate what periods are; empowering, natural, and beautiful. ?❤️⁠

Follow Hey Girls on Instagram (@HeyGirlsUK) and watch the uploaded video on the 28th to join the stitch-a-long! What you’ll need to get involved: anything from your wardrobe that you want to give some period TLC, needle, thread, hoop (or something to hold the fabric in place & provide some tension), scissors, ruler, and a fabric pen/chalk/pencil from the kids homeschool kit.

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