– The Future of Fem Tech & Period Apps

Menstrual education in the UK is shockingly low, while the stigma surrounding menstruation is exceptionally high. 73% of women admit to hiding their period products in public and 29% of women have cancelled plans, from social activities through to swimming, to avoid telling someone what they are on their period. Over 40% of women say that they have experienced period shaming. This stigmatisation of periods has led to an unhealthy culture of silence around menstruation. This has many negative ramifications such as rampant levels of undiagnosed reproductive health problems, the de-prioritisation of female health issues, and the persistence of laws and policies that do not address menstrual equity.

The rise of new technologies over the past few years however has meant that conversations on menstrual health have been given a platform. By acting as a reliable source of information, and providing a holistic physical and mental health support to users, these applications act as both surface level support systems for people who menstruate, and as a mechanism for tackling social stigmas. will bring together Moody Month, Ferly, The Blobcast and Menstrual Matters to explore how female centric technology has evolved overtime. Together, they will delve into the ways in which new technologies have acted as a tool to both empower and disempower women, and how they envision the future of femtech and period related apps.

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