PMS & PMDD conference

Join this conference to learn more about PMS and PMDD!


17: 00-17: 15 – Isabel Lindström, co-founder of the platform “Bättre än dom flesta” and initiator of the PMS & PMDD conference tells about his experiences with PMDd.

17: 15-18: 10 – Torbjörn Backström, professor of obstetrics at Umeå University, explains what PMDD is and what causes the diagnosis and gives an overview of the historical view perspective on women with hormonal disorders.

18: 10-18: 15 – Rebecka Hallencreutz, co-founder and organizational secretary at MENSEN, briefly tells about their work and why it is important to talk openly about menstruation.

18: 15-19: 15 – Ben. Psychologists Ulrike Braun and Susanna Johansson will talk about how cognitive behavioral therapy can alleviate the symptoms of PMS.

19: 15-20: 00 Here you have the opportunity to stay and mingle, talk about what you learned and share experiences! There will be tasty chocolate bars from our sponsor NICKs.

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