Pre MH Day and MH Day Activities by Zana Africa

ZanaAfrica in partnership with 9 Community-Based Organizations across Kenya, is providing mentorship sessions on Menstrual, Sexual and Reproductive Health. ZanaAfrica through its mentors in Kaloleni and Kilifi sub counties will be educating both girls and boys on menstrual health whilst also providing sanitary products (the Nia Pad and educational materials- The Nia at home series). These programs will be conducted in 70 schools and 9 community groups in Kibera in Nairobi, Kilifi, Kaloleni, Nyahururu, Laikipia, Kisumu and Nanyuki by our Kuza Nia partners affiliated with the 9 CBOs targeting 14614 girls and 7394 boys. ZanaAfrica is also looking forward to participation in the Kilifi county’s MH day planned activities whose planning meetings are underway.

On May 27, 2023 ZanaAfrica will be involved in launching Senator Gloria Orwoba’s Pad Bank by contributing a container load of sanitary pads (the Nia Pad). Senator Gloria who campaigns against period poverty will be hosting this event at the Kenya International Conference Center (KICC) in Nairobi, with Nia being one of the main Pad brands.

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