RitiGreat Foundation Menstrual Hygiene/Self Development Day 2018

RitiGreat Foundation commemorated May 28th, Menstrual Hygiene Day, with a girls summit called RitiGreat Menstrual Hygiene/Self Development Day 2018 at Junior Secondary school Aleiyita/Chika FCT, Abuja. We had three hours with the girls and teachers with several health practitioners giving lectures on female reproductive health, girls rights, self esteem, and career development. We also distributed two thousand sanitary towels to the girls and women as a way to help them manage their hygiene during menstruation. They were taught that they are women and they are worth more. We used the theme, “No More Limits” to encourage them to pursue their dreams and achieve all they have ever planned to do. The girls were really inspired and given materials to use to manage their health instead of using unhygienic materials that they have been used to and can afford. We also promised a follow up and further programs to consolidate on the success of the day.

Event Details