Sanitation Campaign on Menstrual Hygiene Management in Schools And Rural Communities in Bamenda-Cameroon

Mother of Hope Cameroon (Mohcam) is organizing a Sanitation Campaign on Menstrual Hygiene Management in 20 Schools and 5 Rural Communities in Bamenda-Cameroon. This campaign is aimed at reaching 2000 underprivileged girls in schools and rural communities. This is also based at helping young girls them understand why Menstruation Matters. Mohcam shall be educating girls on Menstruation, body hygiene, sex education and human rights. They shall be workshops and competitions on essay writing in schools on why menstruation matters. Parents and teachers shall also be taught on how to educate their students and children on menstrual hygiene management. This is to break the taboos still surrounding menstruation in schools and communities. And again it will go a long way to reduce teenage pregnancies, HIV/STD’s and school drop outs. Menstruation kits and soap shall be distributed to girls during this campaign.

Event Details