Social Media campaign & awareness on menstrual health hygiene

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 is the first global health crisis in the age of social media. There have been countless examples of social media being used to mitigate and unfortunately propagate false messages on different topics during this pandemic. Better Lives will be doing a social media campaign and awareness to give facts on menstrual health hygiene and education. Social media has been a very important tool of communication during the pandemic. Through this media, young people and more so our girls were able to keep in touch with each other and to an extent, it has helped our girls manage and be resilient during the pandemic. Many of the girls are on social media, many spend time on social media and information will reach them at the comfort of their homes. Topics will include why menstrual Hygiene education is important, how the menstrual cycle affects productivity, and why governments need to invest more in menstrual health and Hygiene Now.

Event Details