SPOT ON – Menstrual Health Awareness Campaign for Highschool Students

We have planned to conduct a Menstrual Health Awareness Campaign for school students in our district. Around 20 schools will be participating in the event. Online awareness sessions will be handled by medical students for the school children. From each school, we are expecting around 90participants plus 5 faculty members. The online sessions will be held from 30th May- June 20th.
First, all the members of our club attended a Workshop on Menstrual awareness on 24th,May. The workshop was led by Dr Resmy from Dept. Of Obstetrics & Gynecology, from our college. The flag-off event will be held on 29th May for students of Sacred Heart School in Thrissur,Kerala, India which will be again led by Dr Resmy. A YouTube live session will be available for that event. The sessions for remaining schools will be conducted by teams of students via Google Meet.

Event Details