Stains and Shame can be Overcome

“Stains and Shame can be Overcome”

Menstruation matters to everyone, everywhere. But it still matters so much more to women and girls in low-income communities where they lack the required services and support to practice safe Menstrual Hygiene. Our campaign in the Momo-Division of the northwest province in Cameroon continues in Acha-Tugi and beyond. Last year, we offered some sanitary pads. But this we later on found out was an immediate solution and not a long-lasting solution. In Acha-Tugi, we identified some girls who have never had the possibility of affording sanitary pads since Menarche. Because of the huge need for hygiene materials during menstruation, we decided to try our hand at the production of reusable (washable) sanitary towels for girls and women. Join and support our mission of education and empowerment in raising awareness of the challenges faced by a thousand women and girls in the Momo Division of the northwest province.

We are also soliciting funding to procure more sanitary materials for the women and girls. This will enable them to produce more washable pads and create employment internally for destitute girls and women.



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