Talk Period Campaign

What was so long whispered has now boomed into the public sphere. Menstruation has made the public appearance in courtrooms and classrooms alike. Stubborn sanitary napkins dotted tress, walls and notice boards determined to be acknowledged. But the battle is far from won.

‘The Red Cycle’ has been fighting for women’s rights to menstrual hygiene for more than a year now. Through online forums and offline classes we have been challenging the taboos associated with menstruation and educating men and women on menstrual hygiene.

In association with Menstrual Hygiene Day observed on May 28, we are launching the ‘Talk Period’ Campaign. Through the campaign we would like to address the various facets of menstruation, introduce alternate menstrual hygiene products, raise awareness about the threat of menstrual wastes, tackle taboos and misconceptions and push for legal rights for women to menstrual hygiene.

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