The challenges NGO’s are facing to reach resources and to educate a population in need?

• Addressing the need of local community.
• Role in Education Menstrual Health
• Absence of Networking
• No strategic Planning to close the gap on Menstrual Cup

Community-based education bridges the gap between institutional guidelines and local realities. It is an effective way to spread important menstrual health information as it more directly engages end learners. Formally, governments play a leading role in spreading public health information. However, accessibility barriers and cultural mistrust in many marginalized communities prevent important messages from being received.
This communication gap is one factor that amplifies menstrual health inequities, especially during an emergency like the COVID-19 pandemic. Another strategy to expand and improve NGO organization is that the NGO must fundraise continuously and not when funding is coming to an end, by which time it is often too late to find alternatives.
NGO must often report on efforts undertaken and contacting donors and further sharing the information and contacts to encourage community participation which empowers rural people to plan, make their own decisions and evaluate the progress of their community development projects.

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