The One-Girl, One-Pad Program

The ongoing crisis in the Southwest and Northwest Regions of Cameroon has escalated the need to provide sanitary pads and menstrual hygiene education to internally displaced young women. During their periods, girls continue to rely on leaves, pieces of used clothing, foam mattress scraps, and banana fibers. To avoid shame and embarrassment during unavoidable accidental leaks, young girls resort to skipping school, leading to high absenteeism and dropout rates.
The One-Girl, One-Pad program will provide disposable pads to 500 internally displaced young girls ages 10-18 in the rural areas of the S.W Region in Cameroon, West Africa. The distribution will be quarterly, and young girls will receive pads, soaps, and the menstrual cycle bracelet, including other educational materials.
The current target is a one-year supply for all recipients. We hope to continue with supplies while expanding the number to more than 500 young women.

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