The Red Rainbow

Surat is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, and as such, the urban slum dwellers have their special needs to be addressed. Adolescent girls are no exception, especially in relation to menstruation.

In such a scenario, an attempt was made by the Reflective Adolescent Health Initiative (RAHI), the Department of Community Medicine and Surat Municipal Corporation to address these girls.

Around 150 adolescent girls were gathered. An informative video along with flip charts were used to have an interactive talk with them. After sharing the facts and trying to break the myths related to menstruation, which are very prevalent among them, a very interesting open discussion was carried out with these girls.

These girls were given a kit containing sanitary pads, soap, shampoo and a booklet related to menstruation which was prepared by RAHI.

Event Details

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  • Organisation: RAHI (Reflective Adolescent Health Initiative), Department of Community Medicine,Government Medical College, Surat and Althan Urban Health Center, Surat Municipal Corporation, Gujarat, India
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