The world of menstruation gateway to your inner power

Do you want to feel more connected to your body? To discover and honour your inner rhythms and cycles? Are you curious to learn about female anatomy and how menstrual products affect not only health, but connection to self and the earth? Then this is for you…

WORKSHOP #1 (29th May, 6pm – 8:20pm IST, 2.30pm-4.50pm CET)

We will

explore how period products influence our relationship with our bodies and unpack current research about the health and environmental impacts of these.
shine a spotlight on female anatomy and offer embodied practices that give space for your creative exploration and expression.
begin to discuss cycle awareness and why it’s such a game changer and about SO MUCH MORE than tracking bleeding… to be continued in Workshop #2!

WORKSHOP #2 (30th May, 6pm – 8pm IST, 2.30pm-4.30pm CET)

We will

dive deeper into cycle awareness and look at the biology of the menstrual cycle.
explore how one can live in tune with their inner rhythm, aligned with their emotional, physical and energetic changes. Think cervical mucus (aka what is that white stuff on my panties?!), discovering the archetypes of the menstrual cycle, deep listening to body wisdom and supportive embodied practices (yes, there will be bellydancing!)

P.S. All are welcome. Bleeders, non-bleeders, no matter your gender… everyone has a woman in their life. Menstruation affects us all 🙂

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