Tips to copes with periods pain during Lockdown

We Care for your Periods_Blog

By creating this Blog on our Instagram and WhatsApp we have generated a google docs and share this docs among the people to know how to cure with a period pain during Lockdown where the many people stay away from the cities like at village where the hygiene facility is not good such as like Santitary Pads, menstrual cups are not available in the village and they seems to use a dirty cloth which is unhygienic to there health and more more issue arrise during Lockdown so to promote the hygiene facility towards the people and to take care of there hygiene we have create a blog which the people can share there thought,ideas where we give promote there ideas on Instagram channel and any promte the menstrual hygiene is most important in our life where we stay it doesn’t matter we have look into our health and wellness.

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