World’s Menstruation Day / Verdens Menstruation Dag COME TOGETHER in Copenhague

On the 1st of May, we kick off the dialogue from the town square in Copenhagen, Denmark. This will symbolize that SDG football is now to travel from country to country throughout the month of May. Each day of a month one of our local partners, menstrual activists, ministries, and others involved in the particular country, have to word to speak up and share the challenges with everyone following the campaign. e.g. South Africa catches the ball and zooms in on the biggest challenges related to menstrual health in their country
, and thus the dialogue, is moving on to the next country, the next day.
28th of May the ball is arriving back to Denmark after the trip all around the world and you can physically meet us in front of Christiansborg Palace between 15-17 o’clock to have a chat with us with a glass of bobbles and snacks and dig deeper with us to this problematics. Raise awareness with us!