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Global Empowerment Initiative, in collaboration with Rawera Ratego Youth Group,(our CBO implimenting partner) based in Sega, North Ugenya ward,Ugenya constituency, is organising an event on May 28, 2023, with the aim of raising Awareness and educating the women and girls of Sega community and its environs on menstrual hygiene. We aspire to host 1,000 girls and women between the ages of 10 and 23 years both in school and out of school.

In this event we wish to do the following:
Have a speaker session on menstrual health and give away menstrual products.
Promote overall hygiene and give away hygiene products to help them maintain good hygiene practices.
Have a speaker session on sex education.
Engage discussions on the menstrual challenges for the girls in that area and how to mitigate them.

Positive attitude towards menstruation
Increased knowledge and information about menstrual hygiene
Increased attendance in school, and work productivity during menstruation
Use this platform to advance other women empowerment projects and conversation in community

Event Details